Thursday, December 6, 2012

Babbles Family Kitchen Has Moved!

Screen shot 2012 12 05 at 5.59.39 PM Babbles Family Kitchen Has Moved!Hi Family Kitchen readers! Its been a quiet few weeks around these parts as Babble was being redesigned. If youre joining us on an RSS feed, Google Reader or through the main Family Kitchen page, you might not yet have seen the brand new Babble homepage, with its lovely graphics and cute new red logo. Definitely do check it out! And check out fresh content from all your favorite Family Kitchen writers, who are still blogging away on the site, just in a new location.

You can find our latest posts all together on Babbles new Food channel. You can also visit cool, more specific subsections, like our new page dedicated to special diets, which is just one of the many new topic-driven feeds weve got going post-redesign.

If youre a big Disney fan, you could also check out our new Disney Voices section, where you can keep up with all things Mouse-related. And dont worry, if youd like to know where your favorite bloggers from Family Style or Being Pregnant went, you can find them in the Home and Pregnancy sections of the site.

So, what are you waiting for? Come check out the new site!

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