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20 Vegan Holiday Salads for your Thanksgiving Table!

salad vegan holiday t 20 Vegan Holiday Salads for your Thanksgiving Table!

vegan holiday salads

This Thanksgiving, you are sure to clear a spot on your holiday table for some delicious greenery, aka a Thanksgiving salad. And if you are taking the time to prep a giant salad bowl, you might as well make it extra fabulous for your guests. And it is also a good idea to make your salad offering vegan/dairy-free. Because if you have any veg-diet guests at your meal (or many of them!) you will easily be able to meet the needs of both vegetarians AND vegans by just making your salad vegan in the first place. That means no cheese or egg products added on top and that goes for the dressing too. Here are 20 Favorite Vegan Holidays Salads for your Thanksgiving table. This year, make your salad dish something special!..

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 20 Vegan Holiday Salads for your Thanksgiving Table!
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