Saturday, November 17, 2012

Homemade Vanilla Sugar

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At around this time every year, I start pondering holiday gifts particularly those I can make myself. I do love making big batches of jams, jellies, chutneys and preserves, but I also like the simple stuff particularly when its time to go to a party and I need something last-minute to bring along. Homemade vanilla is perfect whether you need a hostess gift or a little something for a birthday tuck a vanilla bean into a jar of sugar and presto you have sugar infused with real vanilla. Perfect for coffee lovers and bakers, the sugar can be replenished to ensure a long-lasting stash.

I like buying vintage glass jars throughout the year for holiday gifting, but any container you have will work fine. For a more flavorful batch, whiz sugar in your food processor with the seeds scraped from the inside of a vanilla bean cut it open lengthwise with the tip of your knife, then scrape out the sticky seeds and add them to plain white sugar. Blend in the food processor until theyre well incorporated, then pour into a jar and tuck the rest of the pod in as well. If you have a day or to to let the mixture sit, the flavor will be more intense, but it can be used right away. Add more sugar to your jar as you use it to replenish your stock. Happy Holidays!

 Homemade Vanilla Sugar
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