Wednesday, November 14, 2012

8 Incredible Ways to Make Baked French Toast

FrenchToast.jpg 8 Incredible Ways to Make Baked French Toast

I always feel like Thanksgiving morning deserves some sort of special attention. Most years, the kids roll out of bed and Ive been up cooking for hours. I toss a handful of cereal into their mouths and make them hold tight on eating until the dinner hour arrives. Not because I have a problem with them eating a holiday breakfast, but because the morning just gets so busy and I sometimes forget to set out proper food. This year, I thought Id try to serve up a beautiful Baked French Toast first thing the morning. All the preparation can be done the night before, with the French Toast baking in the morning and ready to be served by the time the kids start stirring. The only problem now? Trying to decide which of these beautiful recipes to make.

 8 Incredible Ways to Make Baked French Toast
Joyful Homemaking: Baked French Toast with Caramel Glaze I really enjoy french toast, but I tend to be a bit picky about it as well. I don't like it too "eggy" and definitely not soggy, plus I'm always wondering if it's ... Rach's Blog: French Toast Bake Last weekend I made a French Toast Bake for a bridal shower brunch. I love this recipe because it is so easy (Fia could do this by herself), economical ... >Strawberry Baked French Toast Butter So. Life is busy. When I was on summer break and just working 3-4 shifts a week, I had heaps of time to bake. HEAPS. I was baking, well, pretty much almost ... Make Ahead Stuffed French Toast Recipes Incredible Edible Egg A delicious custardy dish for special family occasions. Make this tasty oven-baked stuffed French toast ahead for easy entertaining. Blueberry Baked French Toast The Pioneer Woman Cooks Ree Drummond Printable Recipe - PW's Stacy's Chips Blueberry Baked French Toast For my first Stacy's recipe, I didn't want to fall ... Cinnamon Baked French Toast The Pioneer Woman Cooks Ree Drummond This is a scrumptious make-ahead breakfast casserole that's so easy to prepare, it should be illegal. Leave it plain as the r... Mormon Mavens in the Kitchen: Baked French Toast It's not my day to post a recipe, but I couldn't help sharing this absolutely delicious recipe with y'all! It. is. so. good. I found it last night while ... boozy baked french toast smitten kitchen Jocelyn, come over. Im making baked French toast for Dave and I. Im too hung over. Im dying. Baileys French toast will cure anything. Baked French Toast Casserole Recipe Brown Eyed Baker Baked French Toast Casserole with Praline Topping - A decadent breakfast casserole perfect for holiday mornings. Baked Eggnog French Toast Recipe French Toast Casserole Two ... Baked eggnog French toast with a sweet cinnamon and nutmeg streusel topping. This easy French toast casserole recipe is perfect for Christmas brunch.

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