Tuesday, November 13, 2012

9 Pictures of Exploding Food

ExplodingFood.jpg 1024x810 9 Pictures of Exploding Food

Alan Salier had an odd hobby. Using a high-speed air rifle he constructed in his own garage, he started snapping photos of exploding food. To capture the precise moment of impact, and create his remarkable photos which have now found worldwide acclaim, Salier constructed a homemade, one-microsecond flash unit since the standard flash on a camera is too slow to capture one-millionth of a second of a moment, rather than the typical one-thousandth of a second of traditional flash. The result? An incredible gallery of breathtaking photos. Join us after the jump for a few of our favorites, then check out Saliers Flickr feed for even more of his masterpieces.

 9 Pictures of Exploding Food
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