Friday, November 9, 2012

12 Ways to Use a Bag of Cranberries

cranberry Collage 12 Ways to Use a Bag of Cranberries

Cranberries are in season piled up high in the produce section of most grocery stores in anticipation of Thanksgiving and Christmas. But while those tart, ruby beauties are most often simmered into sauce, they are wonderful in everything from muffins to preserves. With tons of flavour, few calories, and loads of vitamin C, they are perfect for incorporating into your every day diet. If youre looking for inspiration for those bags of fresh or frozen cranberries that are so inexpensive at this time of year, here are a dozen delicious ideas, from mulled drinks to pancakes. (By the way, a bag of fresh berries can be tossed straight into the freezer if you want to store them longer.)

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 12 Ways to Use a Bag of Cranberries
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