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5 Ways to Make Tofu Fancy for the Holidays

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If you are looking for a super easy vegetarian or vegan entree or side dish for your upcoming holiday meals, tofu is a fabulous way to go. Most veggie-minded people have learned to love it, and you get a lot of bang for your buck since most tofu costs under two dollars a block. But dont you dare think of serving that tofu straight from the fridge all cubed, cold and boring. Make it fancy! Here are 5 ways to make tofu fancy for the holidays or any day!..

5 Ways to Make Tofu Fancy for the Holidays

1. Sear it to Perfection. This may take you a few test rounds to learn how to do perfectly, but there is no more elegant way to prepare tofu than to sear it perfectly with those blackened edges, fluffy insides and flavorful seasoned surfaces. I have personally seen tofu served in a few super fancy restaurants (entree price over $20!) And the way they always serve it: seared to perfection! Try this recipe for Maple-Tamari Seared Tofu.

2. Layer it Elegantly. Tofu doesnt have to be served by itself on a plate. To make it really shine, add it over top some fancy veggie foods like grains and veggies. Try quinoa, couscous, roasted potatoes, broccoli and more. Try this recipe for Sticky Sweet Tofu with Couscous and Broccoli.

3. Add Fancy Ingredients to it. Tofu might be considered boring to some, but you can easily make it un-boring by adding fancy ingredients. How about some white miso, tahini, grade B maple syrup, walnut or hazelnut oil, white pepper, chanterelle mushroom broth, saffron and more! Try this recipe for White Miso Tofu Cubes.

4. Knife Skills! The way you slice up your tofu may be the most important step you take to presenting a fancy dish. So take care in the step. Try elegant triangles, tiny cubes all perfectly diced, long slim tofu steaks or a fancy giant cube! Try this Citrus Giant Cube Tofu recipe.

5. Hasselback it! Here is a creative and super easy way to make you tofu look fancy: hasselback it! Just like potatoes, only this time with tofu and a heavy slathering of BBQ sauce. Get the recipe for BBQ Hasselback Tofu on Healthy. Happy. Life.

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 5 Ways to Make Tofu Fancy for the Holidays
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