Wednesday, November 7, 2012

7 Quick Veggie Snacks for Kids 4pm Snack Time

4pm Snacks 7 Quick Veggie Snacks for Kids 4pm Snack Time

I dont know about your kids, but mine usually wanders into the kitchen around 4pm and declares herself absolutely starving. Like so hungry it feels like she hasnt eaten all day. This declaration is usually accompanied by a wildly dramatic pout and hand gesture or something to demonstrate how amazingly famished she is. Of course, I am always hesitant to give her a huge snack at this hour, lest we ruin dinner. However, it is obvious that I need to give her something. Lately, Ive started to declare 4pm veggie hour for her. That is, I prepare the vegetables we are having for dinner and give them to her early, OR, I whip up a simple veggie-based snack and let her waive the vegetable serving at dinner. Either way, the snack is totally vegetable based and she is still ready for dinner less than two hours later. Here are seven of our favorite veggie-based snack ideas for kids. I hope they inspire you if this happens in your house!

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 7 Quick Veggie Snacks for Kids 4pm Snack Time
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