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7 Quick Veggie Snacks for Kids Afternoon Snack Time

4pm Snacks 7 Quick Veggie Snacks for Kids Afternoon Snack Time

I dont know about your kids, but mine usually wanders into the kitchen around 4 p.m. and declares herself absolutely starving. Like so hungry it feels like she hasnt eaten all day. This declaration is usually accompanied by a wildly dramatic pout and hand gesture or something to demonstrate how amazingly famished she is. Of course, I am always hesitant to give her a huge snack at this hour, lest we ruin dinner. However, it is obvious that I need to give her something. Lately, Ive started to declare 4 p.m. veggie hour for her. That is, I prepare the vegetables we are having for dinner and give them to her early, OR, I whip up a simple veggie-based snack and let her waive the vegetable serving at dinner. Either way, the snack is totally vegetable-based and she is still ready for dinner less than two hours later. Here are seven of our favorite veggie-based snack ideas for kids. I hope they inspire you if this happens in your house!

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 7 Quick Veggie Snacks for Kids Afternoon Snack Time
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