Saturday, November 10, 2012

Seasonal Fruit Guide: Whats In Season Right Now

seasonal fruit cover Seasonal Fruit Guide: Whats In Season Right Now

Brian and I work hard to keep our eating seasonal and close to home. We still eat lemons and drink coffee, but we do our best to buy the bulk of our ingredients at the local farmers market. But this time of year, eating seasonally gets challenging, especially here in the northeast. And since eating fresh is just as important as eating seasonally (and because our kids are not going to be cool with 5 months of kale and potatoes), we turn to a host of favorite fruits that may not be grown near NYC, but are seasonal and flavorful.

A working knowledge of seasonal fruits adds variety to everyday eats, not to mention fresh, peak flavor from some of our most loved fruits. Below, weve put together a guide to some of the most flavorful fruits to enjoy in the late fall and winter. Whether you live in California, Florida, or Maine, these are foods everyone can enjoy, until something new crops up in the spring.

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