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Alex Jamiesons Top 3 Fat Burning Foods

Screen Shot 2012 08 23 at 4.13.21 PM Alex Jamiesons Top 3 Fat Burning Foods

spicy meatless buffalo bites

You may remember Alex Jamieson from the award-winning documentary Super Size Me. Alex spreads a wealth of wellness knowledge on her website. She shares tips on her blog and even hosts a fantastic Rapid Refresh & Reboot virtual course to help users get healthy from home. Well today, Alex is sharing her top 3 fat burning foods..

Screen Shot 2012 08 23 at 7.15.13 PM e1345774586635 Alex Jamiesons Top 3 Fat Burning Foods

Alex, photo credit:

Number One: Spicy Foods! You may have heard this one before and Alex agrees that adding spicy foods to your diet like cayenne, chili peppers and more can actually rev up your body temperature and actually help your burn more fat. Alex says, spicy foods warm your body temperature which can help you burn calories a little bit faster. Yes the change is slight, but over time you may notice and feel a difference from adding more clean spicy foods to your diet. Alex says spicy Mexican or Indian food or adding cayenne or red chili pepper flakes to recipes is a great place to start.

Get the remaining two foods over on Alexs blog: Alex Jamiesons Top 3 Fat Burning Foods (video)

Get some spicy vegan recipes here on Babble!..

* Spicy Cajun Pasta
* Spicy Chili Bean Soup
* Vegan Cheezy Nachos + Jalapenos
* Meatless Buffalo Bites in a flash (shown at top)
* Vegan Jalapeno Poppers
* 3-Ingredient Buffalo Nuggets

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 Alex Jamiesons Top 3 Fat Burning Foods
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