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Can You Bake Cookies on a Waffle Iron?

Cookie Crumbs Can You Bake Cookies on a Waffle Iron?

Instead of writing just a regular post today I thought I would pose a question: can you bake cookies on a waffle iron? I have a regular size waffle iron, not a Belgian-style iron. To test my question I gave it a try. I bought a tube of cookie dough and added a tablespoon to my hot iron. The results are below, but before I continue Id love for you to think of different ways youd be interested in trying to bake cookies other than just in a traditional oven.

It turns out my rounded tablespoon was not enough and the entire cookie turned to crispy melted yuckiness. The second time I made a much bigger ball (about the size of a tennis ball) and clamped down on that. It worked much better, but still not perfectly. My best result came from flattening the cookie dough into a 1-inch thick patty and clamping down on it. I let the cookies bake for about 8 minutes. They turned perfectly golden brown and were definitely cooked through. The only obstacle I really ran into was removing the fresh cookies from the waffle iron. I used a thin spatula and they ended up crumbling a bit. So, in essence, I made a perfect batch of cookie crumbs which I used on top of ice cream. If anyone can figure out the perfect way to remove a soft, freshly baked cookie from a waffle iron then you will definitely have perfectly baked cookies on your hands, and a much cooler kitchen!

Tell me: how else should I try to bake cookies?

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 Can You Bake Cookies on a Waffle Iron?
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