Monday, August 27, 2012

Ham & Cheese, Brownies & Cinnamon Buns! 7 Things You Can Make with Your Waffle Maker

waffle brownies 11 Ham & Cheese, Brownies & Cinnamon Buns! 7 Things You Can Make with Your Waffle Maker

I dont know why it took me so long, but lately Ive become enamored with my waffler maker. There are all sorts of awesome things you can make with it in addition to waffles! Of course, there are also a few great waffle recipes you can make and Ive included some of them here, too. I just own a regular waffle maker and all of these recipes as worked on it, but a Belgian waffle maker would work just as well. What would you like to try on your waffle maker? Let me know and Ill give it a try!

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 Ham & Cheese, Brownies & Cinnamon Buns! 7 Things You Can Make with Your Waffle Maker
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