Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Is this the Best Veggie Burger Ever?

best veggie burger vanessa Is this the Best Veggie Burger Ever?

veggie burger, photo credit: vanessa rees

Photo Credit: Vanessa Rees

Looking for a few meatless back to school meals that dont sacrifice flavor? This veggie burger should do the trick. Talented food photographer Vanessa Rees thinks she has found the recipe for the very best veggie burger out there. And by one glance of this photo, I think you may agree. And the best part is that this stacked, vegan burger is easy to make just five ingredients in the burger patty. Pile on some amazing toppings and your (meatless) burger night just got amazing!!..

Have a meatless burger night for back to school season!..

Get the recipe: The Best Veggie Burger Ever

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 Is this the Best Veggie Burger Ever?
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