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Two Ingredient Healthy Yogurt Dessert Pops

weeliciouspops Two Ingredient Healthy Yogurt Dessert Pops

If you havent discovered Greek yogurt in your house, its time. We started buying it a few years ago and we rarely buy anything else. My favorite is the Noosa brand made here in Colorado. Once youve had their honey flavored yogurt, youll be a lifetime fan. My son eats a lot of yogurt but it took him awhile to develop a taste for the rich and creamy Greek yogurt. But I find that hell eat just about anything if it is frozen. That is one reason why I love this very simple two ingredient recipe for yogurt pops by Catherine McCord or

Catherine is the undisputed queen of interesting, very healthy, family recipes. She is truly a master at developing wonderful dishes that her kids will actually eat. Ive been a fan (and blogging friend) of Catherines for several years and I am always in awe when I see her young children eating an enviable amount of veggies and raw organic foods. Granted, my family eats pretty well but Catherine puts our daily routines to shame! I believe the reason she is so successful is shes made healthy eating a lifestyle from her childrens infancy. Her passion to always keep the foods fresh and interesting spawned her fun and creative blog, and a huge following of appreciative moms. She has included many of her most popular recipes (140 of them to be exact) in a new cookbook that will be available this September.

Now back to those yogurt pops! Weve all purchased frozen yogurt tubes at the grocery store but these are more fun to make and include a healthier ingredient to add some sweetness honey. If youd like to make some of your own yogurt pops, please CLICK HERE to see Catherines recipe. And when you visit the website, grab a cup of coffee and stay awhile because I always have lots of ah ha inspirations whenever I visit Weelicious!

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 Two Ingredient Healthy Yogurt Dessert Pops
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