Thursday, August 30, 2012

How to Make Quick and Easy Quicker and Easier

With Labor Day weekend right around the corner it means that summer is dwindling and kids are headed back to school. And somehow, between carpools, homework and getting yourself to the office on time, breakfast has to happen.

Sure, you can go the cereal route. Fruit is on standby. And theres always scrambled eggs and toast. But how do you tell your kids to have a great day and learn a lot at school in a way that a bowl of corn flakes and a banana just cant?

Freezer Waffles.

Watch Quick and Easy Homemade Waffles and learn the secret to making quick and easy even quicker and easier.

waffles 500 How to Make Quick and Easy Quicker and Easier

Get the recipe for Quick & Easy Waffles as seen in the video.

Check out these favorite BREAKFAST recipes from Family Kitchen:
Coddled Eggs from the ACE Bakery
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Yoplait Trix Yogurt Mighty Muffins
Vegan Waffle Breakfast

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Its easy with Babbles Time-Saving Breakfasts To Ease Morning Chaos.

 How to Make Quick and Easy Quicker and Easier
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