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Perfectly Baked Tortilla Bowl

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The other day when I was perusing the web and found my amazing new Mr Lid containers for school lunches, I also came across a pan that bakes tortillas in 5 minutes. I couldnt resist because my kids are obsessed with tortillas and will eat just about anything I make if I put in in a tortilla. Hmm, should I try liver and onions? Why push it. Anyway, not only will this make a much healthier edible tortilla bowl, but my kids will get to eat their bowl. Yes, Im going for coolest mom award. I get to pick the tortillas too, like whole wheat or multi-grain for added nutrition. This got me excited, so did all the different recipes you can make with these pans too. Of course I had to take it one step further and create my own recipes. Keep reading for what you can make in these amazing pans as well as where to get them

You may be seeing more recipes made in my new favorite pans because I tend to just go for it and see what I can make. Case in point: I had to make cupcakes for my kids school and there was some leftover batter. There was no way I was about to toss chocolate cake batter so I sprayed my Perfect Tortilla pans, poured in the batter and baked for about 20 minutes. Amazing and so fun. Also, there are tons of recipe ideas on the box, like chili bowls, dip bowls and cinnamon ice cream bowls. Check out the sideshow for my pretty little cakes and get your own Perfect Tortilla pans here.

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 Perfectly Baked Tortilla Bowl Chicago Metallic Baked Taco Rack: Kitchen & Dining Chicago Metallic's baked taco rack is an excellent way to cook low-fat taco shells. Simply place one flour or corn tortilla over each panel and bake for seven to ... Baked Corn Tortilla Chips - Home - Pastry Affair I grew up eating baked corn tortilla chips. My mother made them purposely whenever she served up chicken tortilla soup. She seasoned them with a dash of salt and ... Baked Tortilla Shell Salad Bowls Therapeutic Ramblings With the weather improving and working in the yard more, I like foods like this that take no time to make and are versatile. This salad bowl takes 10-15 ... Never trust a skinny cook....: Tortilla rollups Chronicling the adventures of a 20-something food lover and avid runner/biker as she tries to balance her love for fat kid food while not sacrificing taste ... Game-Winning Guac' with Fresh Baked Tortilla chips Recipe ... To make the guacamole: In a medium bowl, coarsely mash the avocado. Lightly mix in the onion, cilantro and the lime juice. Season the guacamole liberally with salt ... Perfectly Edible Lifes been busy, but I wanted to get this recipe up in time for the Super Bowl, in case someone is looking to step up their party game to something other than ... Perfect Tortilla (taco salad bowl maker) A Marketing Review ... Its Taco Tuesday and dinnertime is nearing. The kids keep demanding something different than just soft tacos and quesadillas. You have a stack of flour tortillas ... Easy Baked Tortilla Chips Dusted with Spicy Chipotle Salt The ... Step-by-step photo recipe for baked tortilla chips. This snack is easy to make at home--and healthier for you than fried chips. Perfect Tortilla Bowl Reviews Pros/Cons? Pros Baked tortillas Never fried Unique wavy design Versatile Cons You may need to heat tortilla in microwave to conform to pan perfectly Review: Its an ... Norpro Nonstick Mini Tortilla Bowl Makers, Set of 2: ... Norpro's Mini Nonstick Tortilla Bowl Makers, come in a set of 2. Bake crispy tortilla bowls without grease in minutes. Recipes included. Customers Who Viewed This ...

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