Monday, August 27, 2012

Homemade Ho-Hos and 9 Other Kid-Favorite Copycat Recipes

hohoheader Homemade Ho Hos and 9 Other Kid Favorite Copycat Recipes

With the start of school descended all over mi casa, Ive reveled in the packing of the school lunchboxes. At least, I did for the first fourteen second, after which point I realized how tiresome the task becomes when theres not something fun to inspire it along its way. For instance, homemade versions of my kids favorite cookies, candies, and pastry treats. Though its easy to buy the prepackaged versions in stores, I feel less than thrilled when I consider the utter lack of nutrients, the high amounts of preservatives, and the overly sugary ingredients. Which is why these 10 recipes for kids classicsfrom homemade Ho Hos to make-your-own 3-Ingredient Butterfinger Bars are the perfect addition to any kids lunch box. The perfect way to prepare something a little out of the ordinary (and a lot bit exciting) for your next school lunch!

 Homemade Ho Hos and 9 Other Kid Favorite Copycat Recipes
Kid Favorite Canned Fruit Salad Recipe - - 433059 Recipezaar requires exact can sizes. This recipe will flex for whatever cans you find. Add other fruits, replace some... it's all good. ecuadorian smoothies recipes--- mama dips squash casserole candied yams with canned yams kraft pumpkin roll sangria with thanksgiving dinner? no ... Hello, YUM! Self-frosting Nutella cupcakes Shine Food - Yahoo! Shine From the blog Shine Food: Cupcakes are an easy sell. Add Nutella, and they're a hit. Best of all, swirling the Nutella directly into the white batter before baking ... Copycat Restaurant Recipes Now you can make all of your family's restaurant favorites -- at home! Just follow our easy secret restaurant recipes. Copycat Restaurant Recipes: Outback Steakhouse's Alice Springs ... Make Outback Steakhouse's Alice Springs Chicken at home tonight for your family with our secret restaurant recipe. All Free Copycat Recipes Free Newsletter! Subscribe to our free email newsletter, Crazy for Copycats, and receive copycat recipes for favorite restaurant dishes and brand-name foods, along ... Gluten Free Goldfish Crackers Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom I am so excited to share this with you all, so I am going to make a second post today!! This is not my recipe, I will never take credit for something I did In the Twink of an eye: homemade vanilla snack cakes King Arthur ... When we started planning our Snack Cake Smackdown (more word on that Friday), my first thought was Woo-hoo! quickly followed by I wanna do Twinkies! Cheeseburger Macaroni Recipe - - 36327 A kid favorite ... What's a Cookbook? You can save and organize your favorite recipes into FREE online cookbooks. Homemade Safe Cleanser Recipe from the Dr. Oz Show ... I while back I had the Dr. Oz Show on in the background and my ears piped up when I heard homemade non-toxic cleanser. I just had to try it. I have been

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