Friday, August 31, 2012

Almond Butter Ripple Crunch Shake

almond butter crunch ripple 2 Almond Butter Ripple Crunch Shake

Almond Butter Ripple Crunch Shake

I think cool, frosty, shake-like, ice cream-y, dessert treats always sound better with the word ripple in the title. You agree? Fudge ripple. Caramel ripple. Vanilla cinnamon ripple. Pecan caramel ripple. Can someone make all these (vegan) shakes for me please because they just sound so tasty! Ill blame the ripple part. And this Almond Butter Ripple Crunch Shake is no exception. Light and crunchy sliced almonds mingle with sweet banana, coconut and cinnamon flavors. And a secret ingredient worth trying!..

The secret ingredient? Coconut milk ice cubes! Im obsessed with these things. I freeze plain old (full fat or light) coconut milk into ice cube trays and blend a few cubes into my shakes and smoothies. Ice cream effect done! Dairy free and vegan!

Almond Butter Ripple Crunch Shake
serves 1-2, vegan

1 1/2 bananas, frozen
1/3 cup sliced almonds (the crunch part!)
a few dashes cinnamon
3/4 cup soy milk, vanilla
1 tsp maple or agave syrup (optional use if your bananas were not super ripe when frozen)
1/4 cup coconut milk ice cubes (2-4 cubes)

ripple swirl:
1 Tbsp almond butter + 1 tsp maple or agave syrup (warm slightly for easier blending)

garnish: more sliced almonds


1. Blend the almond butter ripple sauce. Warm in microwave if needed to stir well.
2. Blend the smoothie ingredients the sliced almond make things crisp and lovely. They add the CRUNCH!
3. Pour smoothie into glass half way they swirl in some ripple sauce. Then add remaining smoothie and remaining ripple. Add almonds to garnish.

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 Almond Butter Ripple Crunch Shake
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