Friday, August 31, 2012

The Hole Slab Bread Experiment

bread21 The Hole Slab Bread Experiment

Photo: Geoffrey Lilge,

Like Kramers coffee table book that turns into a coffee table, here are some bread boards made out of bread. Brilliant, no? Not only does woodworker Geoffrey Lilge make charcuterie boards and chopping blocks out of bread just for fun he makes them by hand out of solid walnut and maple. The result: stunning pieces that will last a lifetime and add form and function to any kitchen.

Tasked with outfitting the kitchen and dining room of his wifes soon-to-be-award-winning restaurant, finding the perfect cutting and charcuterie boards quickly became an obsession. Geoffrey became fascinated by the beautiful simplicity of a solid wood board how they feel, how they are held and how they wear. The couples company, On Our Table, expanded from cutting boards, charcuterie boards and butcher blocks to bread boxes, knife blocks and other simply stunning kitchen accessories.

The collection has emerged from 4 years of real-world restaurant testing, created to inspire people to savour every detail when cooking, dining and sharing. The solid wood, buffed to a smooth sheen with a natural oil and beeswax finish, are stunning, catching the eye of Design Sponge and other design publications. To read the story behind the hole slab bread experiment, and to check out Geoffrey and Cindys entire collection (think Christmas shopping now!) visit their On Our Table website.

 The Hole Slab Bread Experiment
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