Monday, August 27, 2012

Worst School Food: What Your Kids Should Avoid

schoollunch Worst School Food: What Your Kids Should Avoid

For many children across America, school is beginning its fall semester. In addition to worrying about juggling schedules and completing homework, many parents are also worried about what their kids are eating during the school day. Although school lunch programs appear to be improving across the country, there are many who believe the quality of nutrition in our schools is still below par. So what can we do to make sure our kids make healthy dietary choices during the school day?

According to Dr. William Sears of, healthy choices begin with education. The best way to educate our kids about nutrition is by setting a good example at home. Creating a culture of healthy eating from early childhood will help establish good lifestyle and food choices as they get older. The food we give them for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner will reinforce what they choose to eat when they are in the cafeteria lunch line. The more convenient fast fried food is made available at home, the more likely a child will select similar food at school.The School Nutrition Association website has list of recommended books to help educate children about food and good nutrition. If our children know about the benefits of healthy eating and the pitfalls of unhealthy foods, they may say no to bad food choices when at school.

Parents should also be aware of their school districts policies and how they abide by government nutritional standards. The government or school district may feel that French Fries or tomato sauce on a pizza is considered a vegetable but most parents would disagree. Its important to understand a schools nutritional standards and what kids are being served. The best way to do that is to not only read the monthly menus but to talk with the schools principal or arrange to visit the cafeteria. Nutrition is so important to growing kids and since they spend so much of their young life at school, its crucial to make sure they are getting the nutrition they need during the school year.

To help parents and kids make the best choices, weve put together this list of a few foods your kids should avoid at school and what they could have instead. Although its fine to enjoy that slice of pizza once in awhile, moderation is the key. To see the list, simply view the slideshow.