Friday, August 31, 2012

The 5 Minute No Mess Breakfast Quesadilla

5minquesadilla1 The 5 Minute No Mess Breakfast Quesadilla

In the world of cooking, making a quesadilla isnt difficult or complicated. But when you are trying to feed the kids a healthy breakfast in the morning and limit the clean-up a quesadilla with eggs can get a little tricky. Catherine McCord of the wonderful website decided to make a breakfast quesadilla that wouldnt fall apart and only takes five minutes to make.

Catherine decided to cook her eggs like in an omelette rather than scramble the eggs. She cooks the eggs, covers them with a tortilla and then flips them onto a plate. The result is a perfectly flat shape that fits beautifully between two tortillas. The eggs stay nestled in the quesadilla instead of ending up on floor or your lap. You can add anything to the filling. You could even sneak in some vegetables between the layers of egg and cheese. If Im making this for me Im adding some sliced Hatch green chiles!

Catherine has a new cookbook coming out this fall that is loaded with fun family recipes. We are giving away 3 copies here on Family Kitchen. To enter the drawing, please CLICK HERE.. but hurry! We will be drawing the winning names on September 3rd, 2012.

To see how Catherine makes this easy quesadilla, please CLICK HERE to visit her original article. She even has a video that demonstrates how to flip those eggs without having them land on your head!

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 The 5 Minute No Mess Breakfast Quesadilla
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