Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cleaning Up the Canning Mess with Bon Ami

ba spray cleaner free Cleaning Up the Canning Mess with Bon Ami

Ive been doing a lot of canning this summer because I know there is no better way to preserve the flavor of summer. I love everything about canning, the rhythm of stirring, the preserving in jars, and the reward of jams and chutneys all year long. The only thing I dont like about canning is the total and complete mess it can make. I do my best to keep it clean around the kitchen but there are inevitably splashes and sticky bits.

Since I keep our house as chemical-free as possible I really love using Bon Ami to clean up the mess left behind. They have always been a natural home cleaner. They have never had to be reformulated to eliminate anything toxic or dangerous. The best part is that this soap REALLY works. It cuts right through the sticky stuff and cleans up the kitchen beautifully.

When you are cleaning up your jam making mess this summer I totally recommend Bon Ami, youll love the results!

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 Cleaning Up the Canning Mess with Bon Ami
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