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Summer How-to: Homemade Freezies

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Homemade ice pops have been all the rage this summer and last, but out at the cabin without our Popsicle moulds, I wondered if it would be possible to make our own freezies instead. Ice candy fancy ice pops frozen like freezies is popular in the Phillipines, and you can buy long, thin bags to make your own on But its totally possible to use snack-size freezer bags, folded over to make a long, thin ice pop. Heres how!

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Pour your choice of liquid into a snack-size zip-top baggie 1/4-1/3 of a cup is about right. Fruit juice works well, or leftover smoothie, or flat pop carbonated pop will freeze with bubbles inside, which is kind of cool but makes for a crumbly freezie.

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Fold it over itself so that the liquid is about an inch wide. If you like, tape it I just stack them directly on a shelf in the freezer, or on a small baking sheet. Folded-side-down theyll stay closed until theyre frozen. Theyll freeze quickly once theyre frozen solid, open them up and eat!

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 Summer How to: Homemade Freezies
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