Wednesday, September 12, 2012

8 Easy Ways to Avoid a Fall Food Funk

pork braise with apples 8 Easy Ways to Avoid a Fall Food Funk
Ive never been a man who copes well with heat and humidity, being genetically prepared for a life on a Scottish hillside. But while summer is a tough time for me, I always have the consolation of summer eating grilled corn, tomatoes with salt, sweet peaches and plums, dripping slices of watermelon, squash and mint, burgers, hot dogs, Elizabeths cherry pie, beers, and mint juleps.

Once its time to break out the flannels and wool socks, I often fall into a cooking rut of meat and potatoes. With no tomatoes or green beans, whats the point of trying? But fall doesnt have to be a drag. Fall has its own flavors and joys. And with a little planning, summer eating doesnt have to be over just because summer is. Here are 8 simple tips to keep autumn eating interesting.

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 8 Easy Ways to Avoid a Fall Food Funk
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