Wednesday, September 12, 2012

8 Homemade Pies You Need In Your Belly Now

15 8 Homemade Pies You Need In Your Belly Now

I dont like pies. Theyve never been the dessert that holds much sway over my heart. But for some reason this year, Ive been way cray craving pies like none else. Perhaps it all started with the blueberry pie my friend Jen whipped together a few weeks back, all bright purple and packed full of fresh blueberries, with the most tender, flaky, golden brown crust that tasted of butter and cardamom. Yep. Thats probably where it all started. And now, I cant stop thinking about pie. Buying it at the store is never quite right. Youve gotta enjoy it hot out of the oven, with a fresh pressed crust and lots of just-baked berries. Or peaches. Or caramel-kissed apples. No matter what you love in the middle of your pies, here are 8 recipes youre going to want in your belly right now.

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 8 Homemade Pies You Need In Your Belly Now
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