Thursday, September 20, 2012

Flavored Fruit & Veggie Water

water 1024x1024 Flavored Fruit & Veggie Water

At a recent kids event, an impressive lunch menu was accompanied by a smorgasbord of water. Not filtered or sparkling, but spiked with fresh fruit and veggies something that would be so easy to do at home. The bright colours lured kids in, and they loved choosing which flavor to try next cucumber? Strawberry? Lemon? The fresh produce infuses the water with flavor a great way to make it interesting without adding sugar, additives or preservatives. At a time when so many calories are consumed in bottled beverages, it was a brilliant way to provide hydration without being boring.

water1 1024x1024 Flavored Fruit & Veggie Water

Flavored/performance waters are all the rage these days, and the bottled water business is booming. I bought myself a thick glass jug I love, and keep it in the fridge now some days I add a handful of sliced cucumber or those few strawberries left at the bottom of the box, or a half lemon once it has been squeezed. Scrub them first, of course, or go organic and despite the quantity of fresh produce in these photos, you need only a few slices to infuse a jug of water. Of course once its gone, you can refresh it using the same fruit or veggies once or twice.

What ingredients do you use to infuse cold drinking water?

 Flavored Fruit & Veggie Water
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