Thursday, September 13, 2012

Delicious Self-Sufficiency: 7 Awesome DIY Mixes for Your Pantry

Pancake3 Delicious Self Sufficiency: 7 Awesome DIY Mixes for Your Pantry

There is nothing quite as awesome as having a craving for something and finding the homemade mix for it in your pantry. In the mood for pancakes? Pull out a glass jar of healthy homemade mix and you can make it up in a jiffy! Need some brownies? Skip the boxed stuff that is full of preservative and just use the mix you made at home when you had an extra five minutes on hand. I even loved to give DIY mixes as gifts. I package them in glass jars and include a little tag about how to make the cookies, cakes or bars by adding the wet ingredients and baking. It is all so convenient and fun! Here are a few of our favorite DIY mixes to make your life easier and keep your pantry stocked!

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 Delicious Self Sufficiency: 7 Awesome DIY Mixes for Your Pantry
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