Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bacon Alternatives For The Upcoming Bacon Shortage

nutella bacon Bacon Alternatives For The Upcoming Bacon Shortage

Yes, I said bacon shortage and its going to hit sometime in 2013. No need to fret, there are amazing alternatives that not only taste great, but are a much (MUCH) healthier option. After all bacon isnt all that great for you, OK, its terrible for you. As many of you know Im chugging along with baby 3 and I was just diagnosed with gestational diabetes. This means Ive got to balance my carbs with (lean) proteins. Ive been eating all kinds of turkey bacon and veggie sausage. My favorites are Trader Joes thick-cut peppered turkey bacon and MorningStar Farms veggie sausage patties. They are delicious and coming from a pregnant food lover, thats saying something! Keep reading for some great recipes using bacon alternatives

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Honestly, any recipe that calls for bacon, you can just sub in an alternative like turkey bacon or veggie bacon.

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 Bacon Alternatives For The Upcoming Bacon Shortage
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