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in.gredients A Zero Waste, Package Free Grocery Store

in graphic landing page 4 aug 2012 in.gredients A Zero Waste, Package Free Grocery Store

Sometimes I walk into the grocery store and take a good long look around at all the packaging. Do it on your next trip. Its shocking to think about the boxes of pouches of food that will all end up in a landfill. I dont buy a lot of processed foods, but I still end up with a lot of packaging that gets tossed or recycled. Just look at a frozen meal, the box, then the tray the food is in all gets tossed. Im not talking just gross TV dinners, Im talking the healthy, organic frozen stuff from fancy grocers. Its not all terrible for you, but it is terrible for our environment.

One store in Austin Texas called in.gredients is thinking of our future by offering zero waste and zero packaging. How do they do it? Its really quite simple

You bring in your own containers and weigh them empty. Then you fill your containers with whats on your list and weigh it again and pay for the amount of food you purchase. Just imagine the bulk food section at your local store (although these seem to be disappearing).

The store offers products such as:

Produce locally grown, organic and in season

Grains, flours, sugars, oils, spices, milk, cheese, beer, wine, cleaners, prepared foods, and more.

So cool! I want a grocery store like this in my area. If you live in Austin, Texas you are lucky enough to shop here.

Check out in.gredients for yourself!

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 in.gredients A Zero Waste, Package Free Grocery Store
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