Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Yogurt-Laden Lunch Ideas

trix lunch Yogurt Laden Lunch Ideas
Its time for school, and if youre in the habit of packing lunches to send, youre probably like me in that you run out of ideas pretty quickly into the new school year. It goes beyond just having stuff to pack. Its that it gets boring packing the same thing day in and day out. Here are a few ways that you can take one ingredientsyogurtand turn it into several different lunch options.

Ideas for packing a yogurt-laden lunch:

  • Turn it into a freezer smoothie. My kids love having frozen smoothies in their lunch. We pack them with ice packs, and by the time lunch rolls around theyre just right for stirring and sipping.
  • Yogurt and pretzels or cookie sticks. If you have a dipper, pairing yogurt with pretzels or cookie sticks is a great way to get them to eat both.
  • Fruit and granola. Its breakfast for lunch, but its oh so good. A scoop of granola and fresh fruit turn ordinary yogurt into a parfait.
  • Frozen by its lonesome. My kids are yogurt lovers, and to keep the yogurt cool, Ill pop the whole package into the freezer at home. Then I just pack frozen yogurt that is thawed and still cold by the time theyre ready to eat.

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 Yogurt Laden Lunch Ideas
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