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Green Apple Detox Juice

green apple detox T Green Apple Detox Juice

green apple detox juice - photo credit: Kathy Patalsky

Yes fall is almost here, and cozy comfort food recipes are bound to happen. But that doesnt mean you should shun all things green until next spring. This Green Apple Detox Blended Juice takes advantage of those crisp, sweet fall apples all perfectly, naturally sweet and serves you a tall swig of nutrition in a delicious hydrating glass of good stuff. Lemon, coconut water accents. And just so you know, you dont have to choose green apples for this recipe. Any color of fresh fall apple will work. The green comes from the fluffy greens you blend into the mix. I used a honeycrisp apple which was very sweet and divine!..

green apple juice Green Apple Detox Juice

green detox juice, photo credit: Kathy Patalsky

Green Apple Detox Juice
serves 1-2

1 medium apple, chopped (any sweet variety)
2 cups mache lettuce (or spinach or any soft leafy green)
1/2 lemon, juiced
1 cup coconut water
handful of ice (optional)
optional: cayenne a few dashes for spiciness

Blend in a high speed blender from low to high until smooth. You could also add in some mint and a splash of grade B maple syrup if youd like. This juice is packed with hydrating, energizing nutrients like vitamins A and C, potassium, fiber and more.

Other add-in options: green grapes, pear, orange.

Note: Juice with blended apples usually has a light pulpy foam to it that is all good stuff: fiber! But if you only want clear, pulp-free juice feel free to strain before serving.

Drink to your health! Did you know that 2 apples a day could be your ticket to healthy cholesterol? Learn more here and get 9 apple recipes!

Want to learn more about green juice? Check out Salute to Green Smoothies on Healthy. Happy. Life.

image credits: Kathy Patalsky


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 Green Apple Detox Juice
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