Monday, September 17, 2012

8 Simple Ways to Make Veggies Look Good to Kids

sloppy goblins 8 Simple Ways to Make Veggies Look Good to Kids

Lets face it, kids care about presentation. My own daughter will often push away vegetables if they are presented in a lumpy soggy mess on her plate. Sure, I am a little irked by it sometimes, do I look like a magazine food stylist to you, but I know that how things look on the plate sometimes make a difference to me. While vegetables may be some of the toughest things to teach kids to like they are, at least, extraordinarily easy to present attractively. When chopped up and arranged in rainbows or little faces it can spell the difference between kids viewing them as intriguing and approachable and pushing them away without hesitation. Here are eight simple and fun ways you too can make vegetables look good to kids. Which one will you try?

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 8 Simple Ways to Make Veggies Look Good to Kids
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