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3 Reasons to Enjoy Your Halloween Chocolate!

chocogood 3 Reasons to Enjoy Your Halloween Chocolate!

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Go on and indulge in your favorite Halloween treat. Chocolate. Dark chocolate is best if you are aiming for optimum health benefits. Here are three reasons why you can feel good about your favorite sweet treat..

3 Reasons to Enjoy Your Halloween Chocolate

1. ANTIOXIDANTS. I know, you have heard this before, but a reminder never hurts, Dark chocolate (cacao) is rich in antioxidants! Those antioxidants help fight free radicals that can weaken your immune system, contribute to the aging process and more. Fight free radicals with a giant chunk of rich dark chocolate. Get more info on chocolate antioxidants for your health from Harvard.

2. BRAIN HEALTH. Dark chocolate has been known to stimulate happy, calm feelings in your brain. Chocolate may even make you smarter! Yup, it may increase focus and brain function according to this study via Science Daily. And it may also guard against brain injury from stroke, says one John Hopkins study.

3. LIVE LONGER. You may be around TWO years longer to enjoy your favorite treat if you load up on it on a regular basis, says one Harvard study, referenced in SMH.com. Check this quip out:

ADD 2 YEARS: EAT CHOCOLATE Studies have suggested that dark chocolate is good for the heart and may boost longevity. Research based on Harvard graduates showed chocolate eaters lived a year or so longer than those who did not indulge. Those who ate one to three bars a month came out best, with a 36 per cent lower risk of premature death. Antioxidants, especially in dark chocolate, may be responsible.
See the full article for more longevity tips!

Make your own chocolate candy bar how-to on Healthy. Happy. Life. (as shown in image above!)

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 3 Reasons to Enjoy Your Halloween Chocolate!
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