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Caramel Letters for Birthday Cupcakes

Werthers letters 2 Caramel Letters for Birthday Cupcakes

I love discovering new ways to decorate cupcakes that dont involve intricate frosting techniques; although Id love to excel at writing with a piping bag, I dont and so I was thrilled to find that softening chewy caramels enough to make them pliable enabled me to make solid caramel letters to sit atop cupcakes. Oh, the possibilities!

Werthers caramels1 Caramel Letters for Birthday Cupcakes

Im a sucker for creamy caramels, especially at this time of year, when the wind is howling and I need a little comfort tucked into my jacket pocket. Chewy caramels remind me of the Halloweens of my childhood those were the candies I savored most.

Werthers letters 5 Caramel Letters for Birthday Cupcakes

A microwave allows you to soften them ever so slightly 10 seconds or less will make them perfectly pliable. (If you overdo it a bit, as above, dont worry just set them aside for a few minutes, until cool enough to handle.)

shaping werthers Caramel Letters for Birthday Cupcakes

If you like, butter your hands, but the caramel wont really stick you can twist, bend, roll, cut and shape it easily, like soft plasticine and when youre finished, it will firm up as it cools, allowing you to pick up your letters, numbers or shapes and place them however you want.

Werthers letters 6 Caramel Letters for Birthday Cupcakes

Kids would love this as a project let them create shapes with caramel and eat them after!

Werthers letters 1 Caramel Letters for Birthday Cupcakes
Werthers letters 4 Caramel Letters for Birthday Cupcakes

Its a delicious way to customize your cakes full sized or cupcakes and ensure theres an initial for every child, rather than have them argue over who gets the frosting flowers. Best of all, everyone loves caramel unlike most sugary cake toppers. And caramel goes perfectly with virtually any flavor.

Werthers letters 3 Caramel Letters for Birthday Cupcakes
Werthers letters 7 Caramel Letters for Birthday Cupcakes

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 Caramel Letters for Birthday Cupcakes
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