Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Meat Shot Glass With Homemade Bacon Vodka

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OK, so there may not be anything ghoulish about these meat shot glasses, but I still think they would be perfect served at an adult Halloween party. These little gems of meat and bacon vodka with a cheese stick stirrer will have your guests talking and chowing and having a grand ol time.At least you know the men will be huddled around these shots instead of around that one floozy who somehow manages to turn her garbage woman costume into a hooker garbage woman. Get the recipe after the jump

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I actually spied these one night while watching Bill Mahar and the next day, the search was ON! I found them over at ManBQue, which has all kinds of awesome meatalicious recipes. Including one for Bacon Vodka that you combine with bloody mary mix and serve in the ever-so-awesome Meat Shot Glass!

Click for Meat Shot Glass Recipe

Click for Bacon Vodka Recipe

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 Meat Shot Glass With Homemade Bacon Vodka
Recipes - How To Information eHow.com Recipes: Wondering whats for breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Need a side dish or appetizer to serve with your favorite recipe? Find healthy recipes, cooking tips and ... Meat Shot Glasses Recipe ManBQue Soooo, a few months ago we were on an awesome food show, Chicago's Best TV. We had a couple of awesome recipes and our catering operation showcased. The Skittles Vodka livelovepasta This past Christmas, Kara and Cliff bought me a really cute beverage dispenser from Crate & Barrel, a handle of my favorite vodka (Skyy...ha!) and the 3 Vodka - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Vodka is a distilled beverage composed primarily of water and ethanol with traces of impurities and flavorings. Vodka is made by the distillation of fermented ... Food & Drink - How To Information eHow.com Food & Drink: Don't let that next party be a flop. Be the envy of your friends thanks to eHow's entertaining secrets sure to make that next affair a success. Food is ... The Food Timeline: history notes-meat Food Timeline: history notes--meat dishes ... Rare, medium or done? A Western history of definitions & preferences. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the ... Recipe: Rhubodka (Rhubarb Vodka) The Kitchn I love experimenting with home-infused alcohol. My friends Tim and Aaron turned me on to this homemade rhubarb vodka recipe. Rhubarb is in season right now, and ... Make your own bacon. Homemade bacon tastes fantastic! How to dry cure bacon at home - it's a lot easier than you think. An easy to follow recipe with instructions for making a batch of refrigerator bacon in about a week. Bakon Vodka - Recipes Recipes for Bakon Vodka the superior quality potato vodka with a delicious savory bacon flavor. Makes the best Bloody Mary or Bloody Caesar ever. Brownie Ponts Blog Homemade Bacon Vodka a good girl's notebook of her culinary world ... I admit, I cant remember the singular event that conspired to the creation of this bacon vodka.

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