Monday, October 15, 2012

Grilled Banana Cheddar Bites

cheddar banana bites 6 Grilled Banana Cheddar Bites

banana cheddar bites

Once in a while I start a recipe, not really knowing where it will end up, but being deliciously surprised by the results. These Grilled Banana Cheddar Bites with their sticky, warm, savory-meets-sweet flavor ended up being one of those recipes. Perfect as a fun snack or comfort food party appetizer. If you love bananas, check out this creative recipe. Kids will love this fun flavor combo..

This recipe is vegan, using vegan Daiya Cheddar Cheese.

Grilled Banana Cheddar Bites
vegan, makes 5-6 bites

5-6 crackers
2 medium bananas, peeled/thinly sliced (reserve a few slices for raw banana garnish)
1 tsp Earth Balance vegan butter
2 Tbsp vegan Daiya cheddar cheese

assorted spices as desired:
BBQ seasonings
chili powder
coconut shreds
nutritional yeast
feel free to get creative here!


1. Melt the Earth Balance in a hot skillet. Add in the banana. Allow to cook until blackened and sides become crispy while insides become soft and sticky.
2. During the saute, add in any spices youd like. Savor spices like pepper, chili and chipotle are nice. Nutritional yeast brings out a cheesy flavor. Coconut flakes even work here!
3. Add in the cheddar Daiya and allow to melt into the banana. Remove from heat when cheese is melted.
4. Top crackers with the mixture and garnish with a fresh banana slice on top. serve warm.

cheddar banana bites 5 Grilled Banana Cheddar Bites

banana cheddar bites

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