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Fall Favorite Pasta: Spaghetti with Pumpkin Parmesan Sauce

Pumpkin Parmesan Sauce1 Fall Favorite Pasta: Spaghetti with Pumpkin Parmesan Sauce

We are big fans of spaghetti and meatballs around here. When fall rolls around I like to change it up a bit and use pumpkin parmesan sauce instead of regular marinara. It is surprisingly easy to make and is so delicious. It is creamy and rich without actually being full of cream. It has the perfect mild pumpkin flavor and is the best accompaniment to a long strand linguine. Try switching up your pasta routine tonight and enjoy!

Spaghetti with Pumpkin Parmesan Sauce

1 pound long strand linguine

1 tablespoon butter

2 small shallots, diced

1 teaspoon kosher salt

1 15 ounce pumpkin puree

1/2 cup heavy cream

1 cup low-sodium chicken stock

1 cup fresh Parmesan cheese, grated

1. In a saucepan heat the butter until just melted and add the shallots. Cook the shallots until soft, about 8 minutes. Add the pinch of salt. Pour in the pumpkin puree, heavy cream, and chicken stock.

2. Stir the mixture well over medium heat until smooth and creamy, about 10 minutes. Stir in the Parmesan until just melted and serve with cooked linguine.

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 Fall Favorite Pasta: Spaghetti with Pumpkin Parmesan Sauce
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