Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Scream Sundaes for Halloween

i scream sundae 1 I Scream Sundaes for Halloween

Halloween is the season to have fun with your food but with so many gross-out recipes out there, its refreshing to find something thats gory, yet not actually disgusting to eat. These creepy I-scream sundaes are simple to make using ice cream or frozen yogurt and berry jelly or puree for a bloody effect a perfect pairing with candy eyeballs or severed fingers. Perfect for a party or dinnertime dessert, anyone can make them the bloodier, the better. And no need for food coloring!

i scream sundae 5 I Scream Sundaes for Halloween

All you need to make these creepy sundaes is ice cream, candy body parts (really I found a bag of them at the dollar store, including eyeballs, fingers and teeth) or other candies that resemble eyeballs, and red berry jelly or puree pick up a package of frozen berries in syrup, thaw and puree in the blender or food processor. I used plain old cherry jelly Nanking cherry from last summer which has the perfect color and consistency for fake blood. I spooned some into a snack-size zip-lock bag and snipped off one corner.

i scream sundae 4 I Scream Sundaes for Halloween

To make bloodshot eyeballs, squeeze the jelly over a round scoop of white ice cream (I used vanilla bean) and place a round eyeball candy in the middle. (You could also add a shard of hard candy glass to make bloody eyeballs) For a severed finger, simply glob on the jelly and stick a gummy finger in the middle. Easy.

i scream sundae 2 I Scream Sundaes for Halloween

For those fearful of the dentist, a set of bloody teeth works too. (Although it likely wont help with that fear of the dentist.)

i scream sundae 3 I Scream Sundaes for Halloween

And at the end, you have a delicious berry sundae to eat nothing truly disgusting just ice cream, berries and sugar. Happy Halloween!

i scream sundae 6 I Scream Sundaes for Halloween

 I Scream Sundaes for Halloween
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