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Pumpkin Pairings: 11 Flavors to Pair with Pumpkin

picmonkey image Pumpkin Pairings: 11 Flavors to Pair with Pumpkin

pumpkin pairings recipes

Let me guess, right now you have several cans of pumpkin crowding your pantry. And pumpkin pie can get old pretty fast for an ambitious cook, like you. And while you can easily grasp the flavor simplicity of pumpkin pie, pumpkin pancakes and pumpkin muffins, starting to pair pumpkin flavor with other foods can become quite daunting. What does pumpkin pair well with anyways? Well besides a few obvious pairings like cinnamon, pecans and maple syrup pumpkin pairs quite brilliantly with flavors like citrus, apple cider and chocolate. Here are 11+ flavors that pair well with pumpkin, plus recipe ideas for each!..

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 Pumpkin Pairings: 11 Flavors to Pair with Pumpkin
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