Wednesday, October 17, 2012

8 Delicious Ways to Use a Grilled Banana!

grilledbananas2 8 Delicious Ways to Use a Grilled Banana!

recipe ideas for grilled bananas

You love bananas, right? Well give your favorite banana recipes (and some creative not-so-banana-obvious recipes) a twist by using a grilled banana to sweeten things up. Sticky sweet, black and caramelized grilled bananas are a delicious way to infuse your meal with some whole food goodness that tastes amazing! Fruit accents in both savory and sweet dishes are an easy way to boost flavor. Just think of when you add sliced apples, dried fruit, pears and more to your recipes. Next time, try grilled bananas. A quick saute on your stove and they are ready to go. Here are 8 Delicious Ways to Use a Grilled Banana!..

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 8 Delicious Ways to Use a Grilled Banana!
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