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Caramel Nutella Dipped Apple Slices

Apple Slices Caramel Nutella Dipped Apple Slices

This year my daughter has gotten intrigued by caramel apples. This is the first year shes been interested. Last year she just wanted apples plain and sliced plain and simple. This year she has been more adventurous. To have some fun with our apple dipping we decided try dipping it in all kinds of fun stuff. First we did caramel and peanut butter, then we tried caramel followed by a whole dish of sprinkles. Lastly, we tried dipping it in nutella and it was amazing. The flavors were delicious and the colors swirling together were equally as delectable. This has easily become our newest sweet caramel apple treat!

Caramel Nutella Dipped Apple Slices

4 apples, sliced in to 6 to 8 wedges each, seeds and more removed

1 bag (11 ounces) caramels, unwrapped

4 tablespoons cream

1 cup Nutella

1. Place the apple slices in a bowl.

2. Place the caramels and cream in a double boiler set over boiling water and stir until completely smooth. Dip the apples in the caramel and turn to coat. Then place them on a lined baking sheet and allow to cool for 10 minutes. Then, dip the caramel in the Nutella and return to the lined baking sheet. Allow to cool completely before eating.

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 Caramel Nutella Dipped Apple Slices
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