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Craft Ideas Using Leftover Flooring Tile

homedepottile Craft Ideas Using Leftover Flooring Tile

If youre planning on putting in a new tile floor in your home you should also plan on having lots of tile leftover. Aside from purchasing enough tile for your floor area and any cutting mistakes, you will end up with lots of remnants, corners and broken pieces. Instead of throwing these away, you can use them for a variety of creative projects.

All kinds of colors and textures of tile can make a beautiful and artistic statement to craft projects. Here are some of our favorite ways to utilize your leftover tile.

1) Mosaics: Tile pieces can be used to create a mosaic on old tabletops, or use them to create a design for a backsplash. If they are too large, you can wrap them in cloth and break into smaller pieces with a hammer.

2) Coasters: Create elegant marble coasters with smaller tiles, this post right here on Babble shows you how.

3) Garden Stones: Use textured and slate tiles as stepping stones in the garden. Be careful with smooth tiles like marble as they may get very slippery when wet.

4) Kids Art Projects: Give your kids some tile, Mod Podge and fun scrapbook embellishments or little toys to adhere to the tile. They will have fun creating their own unique masterpieces!

5) Culinary Serving Trays: Use large slate, marble or granite tiles for elegant appetizer and cheese platters. Click here to see how easy it is to make elegant cheese trays!

6) Garden Side Tables: If you have an old table with an ugly or damaged top, give it a new life by using leftover tile to create a new top.

7) Wind Chimes: Take leftover ceramic tile remnants and glue them to fishing line then loop around a crochet hoop to create a unique garden wind chime.

If weve missed something, wed love to hear your ideas for leftover tile in the comments section!

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 Craft Ideas Using Leftover Flooring Tile
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