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Caramel Apple Bites: A Favorite Fall Treat Made Easy!

caramel apple bites Caramel Apple Bites: A Favorite Fall Treat Made Easy!
Of all the seasons for food fun and memories, fall is definitely my favorite. I cannot get enough of the apple cider, squash soups, and pumpkin pie. And I love carmel apples. Like, for real. But since I prefer to eat my food (as opposed to wearing it on my face, or having it dripping down my forearms), I decided it might be time to give the venerable caramel apple a manageability makeover. I know we treasure our fall foods, and messing with them can be controversial. But to any naysayers, Ill submit that these yummy bites mean more creamy caramel and less mess win win!

caramel apple bites werthers Caramel Apple Bites: A Favorite Fall Treat Made Easy!
Easy Caramel Apple Bites

2 crisp apples, cut into 1/2 slices
1 bag Werthers Caramels

Prepare your apple slices and set aside. Line a large, flat platter with parchment paper.

Set up a double boiler, or use two pans that are sized appropriately. Fill the bottom pan with two inches of water, and turn heat to medium-high.

Add the caramels to the top pan, and keep a close eye. After about 7 minutes, they will begin to melt. Carefully stir, until the mixture is nice and smooth, about 3 4 minutes more.

Once caramel is pliant and smooth, turn heat to medium-low. Dip each apple slice into the warm caramel, and then use a spoon to help wrap the caramel around the apple.

Set the finished apples on the prepared platter, and serve. These caramel apple bites are best eaten right away.

A big thanks toWerthers for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

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 Caramel Apple Bites: A Favorite Fall Treat Made Easy!
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