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Halloween Treats for Grown-Ups: Salted Caramel Apples

salted caramel apples 1 Halloween Treats for Grown Ups: Salted Caramel Apples

Salted caramel has been one of the hottest food trends this past year; why not bring that delicious sweet and salty to a classic caramel apple? The sweet, crisp juiciness of the apples make the perfect ballast to rich caramel and crunchy sea salt; starting with Werthers chewy caramels, these are also quick to make, and fun for kids to help make sure theyre sparing with the sprinkle of sea salt, and add it quickly, before the caramel sets.

Werthers caramels Halloween Treats for Grown Ups: Salted Caramel Apples

Start with unwrapped caramels small hands make easy work of this part and add cream (or even water) until the mixture is smooth and dippable. If it solidifies as youre coating your apples, rewarm it, adding a little more liquid if needed.

dipping caramel apple1 Halloween Treats for Grown Ups: Salted Caramel Apples
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Bagged apples tend to be smaller than those you buy from the bins at the grocery store they make better caramel apples, easier to handle and less caramel to coat! If you like, jazz up your apples with a sprinkle of chopped salted peanuts instead.

salted caramel apples 2 Halloween Treats for Grown Ups: Salted Caramel Apples

Salted Caramel Apples

5-6 small tart apples
1 158 g pkg. Werthers Original Chewy Caramels, unwrapped
1/4 cup heavy cream or 3 Tbsp. water
flaky sea salt

Wash and thoroughly dry the apples, and push a wooden or paper stick into the stem end of each.

In a small saucepan or microwave-safe bowl, heat the caramels and cream or water over low heat or in the microwave, stirring occasionally, until melted and smooth. Stir in a pinch of sea salt.

Dip each apple into the caramel mixture, turning to coat, and let the excess drip off before setting them stick-up on a piece of waxed or parchment paper. Sprinkle lightly with sea salt before the caramel sets. Makes 5-6 caramel apples; recipe can be easily doubled.

A big thanks to Werthers for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

 Halloween Treats for Grown Ups: Salted Caramel Apples
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