Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Clear Up Acne, Remove Warts & 13 Other Surprising Uses for Coconut Oil

12 Clear Up Acne, Remove Warts & 13 Other Surprising Uses for Coconut Oil

photo: Shaina Olmanson

Ever since last Wednesday, when I sat down with Bruce Fife, the worlds leading expert on coconut oil, Ive been trying on a few of his miraculous promises and discovering that I might just be as enamored with coconut oil as he is. After a one-hour interview, Dr. Fife had talked me into wanting to try coconut oil as a lotion, wart remover, energy enhancer, and all natural deodorant.

When I sat down with Dr. Fife, Id been struggling to keep my skin clear. Having purchased an expensive anti-acne treatment from the store, I noticed my skin turning ashy and spotted, and wondered if Id just have to get accustomed to the less-than-impressive look of it all. During our meeting, Dr. Fife mentioned the healing powers of the lauric acid in coconut oil as a potential way to clear up acne, so I went home and immediately started slathering it every night. One week later, nearly all of my little break-outs have cleared up, my skin is soft and elastic, and I feel like theres a healthy glow there that I didnt have last week.

Want to see if one of the many promises associate with coconut oil will work for you? Heres a list of 13 surprising ways to use it to enhance your health and household, one scoop of oil at a time!

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 Clear Up Acne, Remove Warts & 13 Other Surprising Uses for Coconut Oil
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