Saturday, September 1, 2012

Labor Day Must-Eats: 7 Foods You Have to Eat Before the End of Summer

1 Labor Day Must Eats: 7 Foods You Have to Eat Before the End of Summer

Summertime. Its almost gone, guys and gals. Which means this weekend is really the last great chance we all have to pull together our favorite people and grill up some seriously fresh ingredients which highlight the seasons freshest bounty. Fresh corn, heirloom tomatoes, a perfectly juicy burger are all part of the summertime experience. Here are our top 7, must-eat recipes to help you suck the marrow out of summer, make beautiful use of the seasonal bounty, and indulge in a few dont-miss-em summertime eats.

What recipe would you add? Tell us your all-time favorite summertime eat in the comments section below!

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 Labor Day Must Eats: 7 Foods You Have to Eat Before the End of Summer
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