Sunday, September 2, 2012

White House Shares Home Brewed Beer Recipes

presidentbeer White House Shares Homebrewed Beer Recipes

According to the White House, the Obama Administration is the first in history to brew beer on the grounds of the White House. Home-brewed beer has become a popular hobby across the US so it really wasnt a surprising that the White House would hop on the band wagon. President Obama is a known fan of beer and recently traveled with his homemade beer on his tour bus. Considering the President has expert resources not usually available to the average basement brew-master; we bet his suds probably taste pretty good.

The president apparently purchased a standard home brewing kit for the White House kitchen. After receiving some advice from White House staff who were brewed beer at home, his kitchen staff created a Honey Ale using fresh honey produced on the grounds by the Presidential bees. Later they produced a Honey Porter. Both recipes can now be found on the White House blog by CLICKING HERE.

 White House Shares Homebrewed Beer Recipes
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