Tuesday, October 2, 2012

10 Crazy Food Experiments Ive Actually Tried

Header 10 Crazy Food Experiments Ive Actually Tried

From fad diets to midwives cures, food has long been a source of high hopes and false promises for those of us seeking a natural way to heal, stay healthy, and get skinny. I like to consider myself a smart, saavy, sophisticated woman, unswayed by absurd quackery. And yet, over the years, thereve been more than a few absurd food experiments that have been too promising to not try. So did the big promises pay off? Click on through to see!

Of course, the way we eat, the things we put into our body, and the food choices we make are a vital part of our health and none of these ridiculous food experiments or any others should ever be taken lightly. Always consult with your licensed medical provider before trying anything out of the ordinary with your food and diet.

Now its your turn! What are the zaniest food experiments youve tried? Howd they turn out? Leave us a comment and share your story!

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 10 Crazy Food Experiments Ive Actually Tried
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