Monday, October 1, 2012

7 Grown-Up Versions of Childhood Favorites

Grown up collage 7 Grown Up Versions of Childhood Favorites

My daughter is a good eater, but she doesnt always eat what we like. However, I dont mind that she likes plain tomato soup (no green stuff, please!), regular mac-n-cheese, and basic breaded chicken. I was young once too and remember how much I liked sticking to the tried and true. However, now that I am the parent I prefer to enjoy the grown-up versions of my childhood favorites. Ive banished bland chicken soup forever in favor of a more spicy version, and prefer a healthier interpretation of mac-n-cheese. When I eat anything chocolatey I prefer a shot of coffee in it to make it mocha. Here are seven delicious grown-up versions of my childhood favorites. Who knows, maybe the kids will eat them too!

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 7 Grown Up Versions of Childhood Favorites
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